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Bridge over Staraya Pregolya and Novaya Pregolya Rivers in Kaliningrad Opened for Straight-Through Traffic. December 26, 2011

Specialists with the SK MOST Group of Companies have commissioned the largest bridge over the Staraya Pregolya and Novaya Pregolya Rivers in Kaliningrad. The total length of the installation is almost 2 kilometers. The bridge has been opened for straight-through traffic.

The bridge over the Staraya Pregolya and Novaya Pregolya Rivers is an entire system of transportation installations including two bridges over the rivers, a viaduct that is 841-m long between the bridges, on the island, and a number of projects in the city that include for traffic interchanges, viaducts, and overpass.

The bridge has linked together two administrative districts of the city of Kaliningrad, Moskovsky and Leningradsky Districts, which are situated in the southern and northern parts of the city, respectively. The commissioning of the new bridge will relieve substantially the traffic in the city center; lower the load on the existing bridges, which may be worked over later on.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST
Photo: Elena Nagornyh / Rossijskaja gazeta

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Moscow, Russia
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