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Dmitrovskoe Highway Beltway Interchange Reconstruction Started in Moscow. October 29, 2012

The divisions of SK MOST Group of Companies are building a system of transportation installations including a viaduct, an overpass, and two tunnels at the intersection of Dmitrovskoe Highway and Moscow Beltway (MKAD). A two-level interchange will become a four-level full interchange.

The viaduct, which is 660.89-meter long, is erected at the exit from Dmitrovskoe Highway to the Beltway (the eastward direction). The overpass of a total length of 237.34-meter is being built over the Savelvoskoe bound railway tracks. The first C-1 tunnel, which will be 724-meter long, is driven at the exit from Dmitrovskoe Highway to the Beltway (the westward direction), and the the second C-8 transit tunnel, which will be 286-meter long.

The existing two-level cloverleaf interchange at the intersection of Dmitrovskoe Highway and Beltway cannot cope with the increased traffic. The new viaduct will allow the vehicles that move along Dmitrovskoe Highway to turn left, to move in the eastward direction along the Beltway. The new tunnel will allow the traffic to turn to the west and continue along the outer side of the Beltway. The interchange will be combined with a transit tunnel for the traffic that is bound from the center to the suburbs.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST
Photo: Boris Rogov / SK MOST

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Moscow, Russia
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