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Reconstruction of the Old Korshunov Tunnel Completed Ahead of Schedule. November 26, 2012

The Old Korshunov Tunnel at the 549th kilometer of Taishet - Lena Eastern Siberia Railway Line was opened for traffic on November 9. The tunnel was put in service 11 days before the scheduled date.

As part of the repair operations that started in the year 2009, the builders have removed the old cast-in-place tunnel lining, shored up the rock, and installed new lining combined with the grouting of the tunnel annulus around the lining.

The total tunnel length is 950.5 meters. The most advanced technologies and materials were used for tunnel repair. The tunnel vaults are protected with plastic waterproofing, and the reinforced concrete track base is placed on a shock absorbing bed. There are no other tunnels in Russia that have such dynamic load relief design.

The traffic in this railway line section has doubled after the reconstruction of the old tunnel. The new Korshunov Tunnel was commissioned in 2008.

Sergej Berdnikov / SK MOST

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Moscow, Russia
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